The Lean Prøgram

Feel the Burn

The LEAN Program will utilize high-paced functional training movements to push the limits of your cardiovascular system. This isn’t your traditional “HIIT” class – in the LEAN program you will be progressing through a series of functional movements in order to complete a circuit-style training regime. This program is meant to keep you moving throughout the class and maintain an elevated heart rate, so you really feel the burn!

The LEAN Prøgram progresses through 2 phases of cardiovascular training


Aerobic Training

  • This phase focuses on longer sustained movements which are targeted to keep your heart rate elevated at moderate levels throughout the workout.


Anaerobic Training

  • This phase focuses on shorter bursts of higher intensity exercises to elevate your heart rate to near maximal levels.

*Each class is 50 minutes in duration. **Schedule is subject to change.

What our clients say about the Lean Prøgram

We booked a group fitness class at The Program. It was challenging, fun, and the music was great. I really appreciate that you can pick your own weights and can tailor it to your strength/fitness level. As someone that dislikes exercise, I’m surprised I enjoyed the class!
Marina R.
Amazing gym that fits all fitness levels. Jordy takes on an approach that is inclusive to everyone and creates an environment for a fun workout!
Jake M.
If you are looking for the most efficient and effective way to workout out - look no further! The Program group class workouts are the best combo of full body training, small class sizes and condensed class time frame of 50 minutes.
Nicole A.

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