The Hybrid Program - Strength and Conditioning Group Training

Best of Both Worlds

The HYBRID Program is the perfect combination of the STRENGTH & LEAN programs in one challenging class. Think of it as a “mixer pack” of training principles that will challenge the body’s muscular and cardiovascular systems. The class begins with strength-focused circuits, and finishes with cardiovascular training. This class provides a well-rounded approach to ensure you see results in every aspect of your fitness goals!

The HYBRID Prøgram follows along the same periodized programming as the STRENGTH & LEAN programs as follows:


Strength Endurance & Anaerobic Plyometrics

  • The initial phase is focused on building up the capacity of your muscles to do work and prepare them to handle the challenges to come.
  • The focus during this phase is on lighter resistance and higher number of repetitions (12+). Using a controlled tempo, you will gradually increase your weights (i.e. resistance) when possible to achieve fatigue and that light “burn” in the muscles.
  • This phase focuses on shorter bursts of higher intensity exercises to elevate your heart rate to near maximal levels.


Hypertrophy & Anaerobic Endurance

  • This phase focuses on developing your muscle fibers by increasing your resistance (i.e. weights) and decreasing your repetitions compared to the previous phase (in the 10 repetition range).
  • There will be an emphasis on slow tempos during the eccentric phase of movements, which will accentuate the breakdown of your muscles in order to build them up again.
  • To maximize your results during this phase, you can expect to minimize your rest between sets and push yourself to fatigue!


Heavier Strength & Aerobic Endurance

  • The final phase will culminate in achieving your maximal muscular strength goals by increasing your resistance and decreasing your repetitions once again from the previous phase (in the 8 repetition range).
  • The goal of this phase will be to achieve your own personal best for resistance on any given movement.
  • This phase focuses on longer sustained movements which are targeted to keep your heart rate elevated at moderate levels throughout the workout.

*Each class is 50 minutes in duration. **Schedule is subject to change.

What our clients say about the Hybrid Prøgram

I love having the feeling of personal training without it actually being personal training. During the small class sessions it makes me feel secure knowing that there is someone with a high level of education watching my form and helping me find alternatives that suit my body!
Liz J.
The Program offers full body work outs at your own personal station. The small class size is great and allows for opportunities for one on one feedback, pointers on form, etc. The space is open and bright and Jordy is welcoming and encouraging trainer! I’ve definitely never been stronger than since joining last summer! 10/10 recommend 😁
Danielle S.
Was never a huge gym or class guy until the Program came along. The classes are challenging but also very rewarding. Having your own set of equipment is awesome. Jordy definitely knows his stuff and makes sure we're all doing things the right way while keeping things progressive and fun.
Jamie H.

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