Warren Chow

Personal Trainer

Warren has always had a love of movement and fitness. It wasn’t until 10 years ago when he started training and coaching Crossfit, did his curiosity of movement, strength and conditioning really begin to blossom. As he progressed as a coach and personal trainer, he became more intrigued with the intricacies and subtleties of the human body in movement. From rehabbing various injuries from his own training and helping clients recover from their own injuries, his movement fascination took him down a path of mobility, functional conditioning and movement strength. One of Warren’s core beliefs when it comes to fitness and coaching clients is to make sure they understand the importance of moving with purpose and moving with integrity. 

On another note, Warren is also a professional actor who’s been in several television serials and films in both Canada and the US. When he’s not busy nerding out on fitness and movement, he’s most likely auditioning or on set living the actor’s life 🙂 


  • Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist – FRS 
  • Movement Optimization for Prehab & Performance – Rehab-U Performance & Rehab Therapy
  • Kettlebell Certification – Bell Sound Mov’t 108

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*All sessions are 60 minutes.
**Free Initial Movement Assessment