Octavia Lau

As a Vancouver native from Canada, Octavia embodies a training philosophy rooted in personalized progression and empowerment. With a distinguished background as a former Division I athlete at the University of Michigan and a Team Canada swimmer, Octavia brings firsthand experience and unwavering commitment to her clients’ fitness journeys. 

Having competed at high-level events such as the Olympic swimming trials and World Junior Open Water races, Octavia understands the physical and mental demands of training. She recognizes the importance of addressing both aspects to achieve optimal results. Through her 16 years of competitive swimming, Octavia has cultivated a supportive environment, fostering mental and physical resilience in her clients. 

During her time at the University of Michigan, Octavia excelled academically, earning a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in movement science kinesiology. Her passion for weight training emerged during her university years, and she aims to instill a sense of accomplishment in her clients through their training sessions. 

In her spare time, you can find Octavia in the gym, going for hikes, enjoying long runs, and occasionally taking a leisure swim for old times sake! She also appreciates good food and the company of others, finding joy in the simple pleasures of life. 

With Octavia’s athlete mindset, dedication and understanding of both physical and mental aspects of training, she is well-equipped to guide clients toward their fitness goals, providing them with the tools they need to achieve success. 

Contact information: 

Email: octavial@umich.edu 

Phone: 778-892-9887