Khoa Truong

My name is Khoa – a massage therapist from Finland, certified abroad by the National Supervisory Authority of Welfare and Health – also qualified in all European countries. I graduated from Sport Massage school in Tampere, Finland where he had a chance to do a lot of practice with different sports teams in the local area such as ice-hockey, weight lighting or gymnastics. Currently I am studying to write the next RMT board exam in BC and is also a second-year student in the Kinesiology program at Langara College. I just got my NASM Personal Trainer certification on 24 Feb 2023 to qualify for work in BC. 

My style of massage and Personal Trainer is to focus on the origin of the problem, trigger point therapy and soft tissue massage with the combination of osteopath and physio-style approach.

During over three years working in his own clinic, I have treated all types of patients and focused on sports inclined and active people, office workers who sit a lot or feel stress with work and people with acute or chronic pain. I have been trained in therapy from basic gym workout to group training and understands people’s problems through his own experiences.

I enjoy helping people to enjoy their life to the fullest and inspiring them to stay on the right track. Massage techniques and Personal Trainer Certification:

  • NASM Persosnal Trainer valid till Feb 2025
  • Precision Nutrition valid till July 2024
  • Standard First AID CPR C & AED
  • Classic / Sport Massage – working with different athletes and active people from team sport to fitness. 
  • Deep tissue massage · 
  • Fascia massage – ΕRGON ® Τechnique is an innovative development of older approaches (IASTM technique, GRASTON technique, SMART TOOLS technique, Tools assisted massage technique etc.) · 
  • Hot Stone and Dry cupping therapy
  • Some other certificates through John Gibbons: Bodymaster Method® & NielAsher – NASM Muscle Energy Techniques:
  • The Vital Shoulder Complex Master Class 
  • The Vital Glutes & Psoas Masterclass 
  • Anatomy of Sport Injuries 
  • Anatomy of Stretching 
  • Soft Tissue Release

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