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What is Kinesiology

Kinesiology is simply defined as the study of human movement. More specifically, it studies the impact of physical activity on health and quality of life.

What do Kinesiologists do?

Kinesiologists specialize in injury rehabilitation, prevention and human performance through the use of proper movement patterns & progressions. They are health professionals with at least an undergraduate degree in their field and registered within their province (British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists or BCAK). Kinesiologists use evidence-based scientific research to help improve their clients’ health and wellness through the use of proper exercise prescription.

Kinesiology Services may include

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What our clients say

Program Fitness has been such a wonderful addition to the neighbourhood. The owner Jordy is very knowledgeable and friendly. The small group classes allow you to work at your own level of ability and their work out space is very well set up. I work as a physiotherapist down the street and have also been sending clients for active rehab with some of the trainers working out of his facility. Highly recommend checking out a class!
Jennifer P.
The program is my favorite gym. it is spacious, bright, feels comfortable, and has a friendly vibe. I love how organized each rack is with everything within arm's reach. I am glad that I've found this place.
Nadia J.
Very thorough and professional...showed me strength exercises that were ideal for my fitness level.
Charles A.

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