The Barbell Prøgram

The Barbell Prøgram is a space for beginner to intermediate athletes who are looking to develop their olympic weightlifting skills, or progress current skills towards a competition level ability. Each class will have a specific focus on either the snatch, or the clean & jerk. Similar to our other prøgrams, phases will be 4 week blocks each with a different focus.

The classes will begin with technical skill work, performing the designated olympic lift, and finishing off with accessory exercises that will help develop your strength and power. Although you are welcome to join at any phase, consistency is recommended for this prøgram, due to the technical lifts.

*Each class is 50 minutes in duration. **Schedule is subject to change.

What our clients say about the Barbell Prøgram

I started attending Jordy’s group classes a few months ago with minimal gym experience. It can be very nerve wracking for women with little fitness experience to go to gym classes, but Jordy is wonderful! He helps you make adjustments to suit your body/any injuries, always has good playlists and above all is like having a motivational friend in your corner while you work out! Workouts at the program have become a pillar in my weekly routine so much so I’ve recruited 2 friends who were also fitness adverse to join the classes with me on a regular basis. I cannot recommend this place enough!!
Tianna C.
Been going here for about a month now, and I can't rave enough about it. It took me months to build up the courage to go in because I'm not a group class kinda person but have come to terms I need that extra push of a community like The Program provides. The gym is an awesome environment. The owner/trainer is welcoming, and a great coach. It's also spotless and odorless. Lastly, the people that go to the group classes are a great collection of folks too 🙂
Jenny L.
Highly recommend for someone who is looking to get back into a fitness routine after a hiatus. Strength class was super effective and efficient, and the environment felt quite beginner-friendly.
Francine S.

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