Personal Training East Vancouver

Functional Fitness, That Works For You

The Prøgram strives to provide Vancouver’s best personal training experience, which offers a truly unique and exclusive personal training service. We’ve created a functional fitness facility that can accommodate all of your training needs. From strength & conditioning to cardiovascular training and calisthenics, The Prøgram’s facilities and trainers have you covered for any physical challenges you’re looking to conquer!

What makes The Prøgram unique?

Check out our S.W.E.A.T. Philosophy to get a sense of what we stand for.

Individual, fully-equipped training areas for an uninterrupted and personalized training experience. Better for the client, better for the trainer!

Included in each individual training area:

The Space

Spacious gym floor with turf area for all of your dynamic movements!

The Facilities

Private change rooms & shower facilities with towel service included for your on-the-go lifestyle.

The Environment

Large windows provide plenty of light and fresh air to invigorate your workout.

Introductory Personal Training Packages

3-pack of Personal Training Session

3-pack of PARTNER Training Sessions

6-pack of Personal Training Sessions

6-pack of PARTNER Training Sessions

We provide individual private training areas for you and your trainer to work together without interruption. The training areas are fully equipped with all the tools for a successful workout including a squat rack, free weights, adjustable bench, Bosu, stability ball, resistance bands & TRX. 

With a maximum of 6 clients (and their trainers) sharing over 1800 sqft. of space, you’ll never feel limited by your gym again! In addition, we offer private bathrooms with showers and towel service for your on-the-go lifestyle.

What our clients say

Awesome gym and great trainers!!! Friendly and accommodating to all skill levels. Would recommend 🙂
Alexandra M.
Amazing experience every week with my personal trainer. I actually feel that my body is stronger even at the age of 71. Since I never had any exercise training, this was the perfect place to start.
Cathryn A.
Awesome friendly neighborhood gym! Clean well equipped space and expert trainers.
Gil P.

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