Zoe Rhiannon

Zoe has been working as a Movement and Strength Coach since 2019 with the goal of supporting clients in building a loving relationship to their body through movement.

While pursuing her Undergraduate + Master’s degrees, Zoe dove head first into the world of strength training with the desire to forge a healthier mind-body connection. Through the practice of intentional movement and physical strength training, she learned to appreciate her body for all it is capable of – a practice that has led to a happier, more balanced lifestyle. It is now her mission to help others from all walks of life learn to (re)connect to their body and benefit from a consistent movement practice.

As a Movement and Strength Coach, Zoe’s number one goal is to help folks connect to their body, see movement as an act of love, not a punishment or torture. When you leave your session, you will feel stronger, energized and more ready to face life head on. Utilizing a combination of strength training, functional movements and mobility work, each program is created for your unique needs + goals. Zoe has experience working with folks in recovery (post physio/rehab) with back injuries, major surgery, body dysmorphia/ED, and post-concussion syndrome.

  • American Council on Exercise
    • Certified Personal Trainer
    • Fitness Nutritionist Specialist
  • Over 100 hours facilitation training