Steph Calvert  BScKin, PTS, PN-NC/SSRC

Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

Steph is an avid proponent of physical competence and joyful movement through all life stages. She is trained to provide individualized coaching in nutrition, sleep, stress management, recovery, parkour, and personal training. Steph understands the struggles of chronic and acute injuries, surgery recovery, aging bodies, pregnancy, birth, parenthood, and the occasional identity crisis. 

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, she moved to the west coast and worked on projects involving communication skills for health professionals and injury biomechanics, before becoming disillusioned with the number of file-folders involved and running away to art school. She then built a family before circling back to her love of movement by taking up parkour and strength training at the age of 38. Despite a background in dance, martial arts, and long-distance running, she never truly felt like an athlete until she was well into her 40s. 

She hopes to create a fun, empowering, and supportive environment while helping people explore, develop, maintain, and/or restore their strength and athleticism, and hone their wellness habits. 

She has 1 equally active husband,  2 Burmese cats, 3 boisterous sons, and will stop suddenly on sidewalks to pet pillbugs. 

For personal training:

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For wellness coaching packages (personal training + behaviour change in nutrition, sleep, stress management, recovery and/or mindset):