Scott Donaldson
(778) 980-7227

Growing up, Scott was a multi-sport athlete participating in Soccer, rugby and football with a primary focus in swimming. In 2006, before hanging up his suit, Scott attended Junior nationals, setting multiple top age group records (TAG) in Canada. After swimming, Scott moved into the world of functional fitness and weightlifting where he competed in regional weightlifting and functional fitness competitions throughout British Columbia.

Scott began a professional coaching career in CrossFit and Weightlifting in 2016. He learned how to teach movement to beginners and coached advanced athletes through competitions. Over the past seven years in the fitness industry Scott has received an education from CrossFit (Level 2 trainer & Weightlifting Level 1 trainer) and Opex Fitness (Opex Certified Coach & Opex Mixed Modal Coach).

Today, Scott specializes in individualized programming designed to meet his client’s fitness needs. Scott uses his background in sport education to design functional and engaging programs for his clients; sport based or not. He offers personal training, virtual programming and lifestyle and nutrition services to a multitude of clients; their goals ranging from wanting to live longer and healthier lives to competing at the national level in various sports. Today, Scott’s personal fitness consists mostly of swimming and strength training to aid in a healthy and prosperous life. He hopes to compete in triathlons and half ironman through 2023 and 2024.

Training Experience: 7+ Years

  • Crossfit L2 Trainer
  • Crossfit Weightlifting L1 Trainer
  • Opex CCP Coach
  • Opex Mixed Modal Coach