Madeline Stever

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Madeline’s ethos for fitness is simple: Physical health and mental health go hand in hand. With over 8 years experience in the fitness industry, her desire to help others become the best they can be and achieve their goals has been her motivating force throughout.  

Growing up Madeline played many sports, and in high school fell in love with the confidence that fitness and weightlifting gave her. From there she studied business management, but found her true calling was coaching – instilling confidence in her clients to achieve their goals and to become their best selves was, and always will be, her driving force.

Her client centric approach focuses on personalized goal setting, strength and conditioning, posture/rehab, self development, nutrition and psychology. Expect to learn new things about the body, the brain, and some dad jokes sprinkled in between!

In her spare time you can find Madeline trying out different cafes in the city, cycling, hiking, dog sitting and being involved in her local community.