Erin Reid || Bkin

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Registered Kinesiologist

Holding a Bachelor of Kinesiology from UBC, Erin has over 6 years of training experience in both the rehabilitation and performance setting. Having participated in high level sport throughout her youth and competing as a varsity athlete both as a sprinter on the UBC Track & Field team and a catcher for the UBC Softball team, injuries are nothing foreign to Erin. After sustaining many sport and overuse related injuries herself, Erin wanted to pursue a career where she could give back to the community and help mitigate future injuries and physical setbacks.

Nowadays Erin’s movement practice mostly consists of hiking, running, and lifting with some more casual recreational sports in the summertime. For Erin, consistently nurturing and listening to her body’s needs through exercise has been essential in allowing her to thrive physically and mentally with the activities that she enjoys. As a coach, there is nothing that excites Erin more than providing the tools and education to clients that allow them to meet the demands of their sport, activities, and daily living with more ease, confidence and less pain.

One thing Erin loves about this field is the endless opportunities for growth, which is why she is excited to currently be completing her Masters of Physical Therapy at UBC with the intention to integrate her knowledge as a strength coach with her manual therapy practice in the future.

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