Elliot Thompson

Personal Trainer

Having recently moved from London, UK Elliot’s interest stems from educating his clients and improving their movement capabilities. He grew up playing a variety of team sports, then went on to achieve first class honours in his Masters degree in Mechatronics and Robotics, where he specialized further in biomechanics & control systems. After which he settled on the decathlon with its wide variety of technical challenges. Becoming British champion in 2022, Elliot moved to Vancouver to pursue an even more active lifestyle!  

His experience as a personal trainer span over 8 years where he has helped empower and improve athletes from all walks of life. His clients range from international sportspeople (soccer, karate, tennis, athletics) to the elderly (care home group fitness) and everything in between. Whether you want to get fitter, faster, stronger for your sport, learn a new skill, or rehab an injury, Elliot loves the unique puzzle that each client and their goals bring.