Cam Edwards

Personal Trainer

I have spent a large portion of my youth playing sports competitively with the ambitions and aspirations of playing professionally. But once those dreams came to pass, I found a new found love for fitness, health, wellness and self improvement. I continue this passion today by working with clients just starting off their fitness journey and those who are already well acquainted. I strive to learn as much as humanly possible every single day when it comes to the science and mastery that is personal training and exercise. Holding myself to an extremely high standard both physically and mentally. 

I believe that Fitness and Health goes so much further beyond the gym, beyond the weights, sweat and sound of your heartbeat in your ear after a conditioning session or long run. It’s about creating a life you are proud of and one you can share with both your family and friends. To work with the beginner and the athlete to change and create habits and behaviours that are conducive to a happy and healthy life.    

Our view of fitness and health in today’s world is what we see on the surface. We view aesthetics and muscle size, over form and function. We consider our brain health and meditation a secondary to performance and ability. There can and should be a balance. I am here to help you find that balance and go as far as need be to find your better today.


  • ACE certified personal trainer 2023
  • Bachelors of Recreation and Leisure Studies with a focus in Outdoor Education and Recreation Brock University 2017 

Athletic History 

  • 5 Years of Junior A Ice Hockey 
  • 5 Years of Competitive Men’s Rugby 
  • Olympic lifting and Powerlifting experience 
  • Van Fall Classic Men’s bodybuilding true novice and middleweight competitor 

Instagram: cam_edwards90