Arnie Guieb

Arnie’s passion for fitness started 10 years ago when he found his love of boxing. He participated in 2 amateur fights with Aprons for Gloves in 2015 and 2016, while working as a chef in the restaurant industry. In more recent years he has taken a strong interest in strength training and after 12+ years in the kitchen, he decided to pursue a career in fitness. 

He became a certified Personal Trainer in 2023 and since then has been running a variety of group classes, including Introduction to Boxing, Strength and Conditioning, and Cardio/HIIT. He has been taking on clients through 1 on 1 Personal Training and Active Rehab alongside a physiotherapist. He develops his PT sessions around building functional strength for everyday activities and movement patterns targeted for your weekend warrior activities! 

He collaborates with his clients to develop and work towards fitness goals. He believes that there is so much more to fitness than just looking good, but feeling great in your own skin is important too.