General FAQ

No, we welcome people of all fitness levels! As we have small class sizes, it allows us to assist our newer members throughout the workout with exercise set up, and 1 on 1 form guidance.
No! Everyday is different. We cycle through Chest/Back focused days, and Legs/Arms focused days. Although we have a variety of main exercises we keep consistent to allow our members to see progress, accessory exercises change. We like to give our members a balance of variety & consistency.
Yes, we follow a block periodization model for all of our programs to allow our members to progress throughout the year. We rotate through 4-6 week blocks, with specific training phases. The phases are different depending on the specific prøgram.
Yes, although the stages build on each other, we can easily adapt things to your level of fitness despite the phase. You pick the weights you use, so you can make it whatever difficulty level is needed.

Individual Class FAQ

No, it is strength for runners – not a running group. We do lots of core, hips, glutes, and single-leg strength exercises to enhance running performance, and prevent common overuse injuries.
We do a mixture of things. Each set of circuits is made up of a couple functional exercises, and timed cardio movements. The functional exercises are done using lighter weights than our strength circuits, which allows you to do them at a faster more powerful speed, keeping a higher pace throughout the circuit. The timed cardio exercises are a mixture of agility, jumping (if you are able to), and some running on the spot styled movements.
No, however we do use the barbell occasionally. We will teach you how if you’ve never used one! The Olympic lifts are saved for the Athletic Performance & Barbell Prøgrams.
Lean is meant to be a higher paced workout compared to our other prøgrams, challenging your muscles and cardiovascular system. However, you still control what weights you use and how hard you want to push yourself during the cardio sections. We can modify anything to make it an enjoyable, and doable workout for all levels. However, if you are looking for something lower paced, our Hybrid Prøgram is a good mixture of both.
Not at all, this prøram is great for anybody wanting to improve their functional fitness. It focuses on strength, joint stabilisation, power, and developing movement patterns. These focuses are beneficial for any population wanting to maintain/build health & fitness, in and out of the gym. Enabling anybody to feel like an athlete!
Nope. James is there to coach individuals of all levels of experience. If you’re new to the lifts, he will start from the beginning. If you have experience, he’s there to take your skills to the next level.
Yes, of course. Although this workout is designed specifically for the mum, babies are welcome if necessary! Feel free to bring them in their stroller or seat to hangout beside you during the class.

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